Making the Hachette River of Authors

October 10th, 2016

As someone who works primarily on a small scale – book covers, packaging etc – it was daunting and very exciting to be given the opportunity to design something which was to cover hundreds of square feet of wall space. The main challenge for this design was to come up with a way to include such a vast number of hand lettered names which looked beautiful seen from a distance as well as close-up. I had to draw each wall design as a whole – using lines to indicate the flow of words – and then ‘zoom in’ to each tiny part of the wall design at a time. The result would not have been remotely possible without the support and technical expertise of my collaborators at The Graphic History Company who commissioned and researched the project for Hachette. Here are a few pictures taken by Andy Goodridge in my studio in Brighton and his beautiful video of the whole process.

The Bookseller also wrote a nice little article about the project here.